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Elisheva (Ellen) Horowitz  



"Ellen  has worked consistently during the year to develop competent painting skills...there is promise in her determination to do something the field of painting"

- Professor Philip W. Bornarth , Rochester Institute of Technology College of Fine and Applied Arts 1980

"Seven years ago a friend suggested that I take a computer graphics course with her. It made sense, as artists like me were readily exchanging their paintbrushes for a mouse in order to stay on the "cutting edge" of their profession. So this notorious technophobe - who by the way doesn't own a microwave, dishwasher, fax or cellphone - packed away the canvases and purchased a Pentium."

-  Jerusalem Post, March 2001

"...'Remember how you used to paint, Ellen? A little color here, a few strokes there. You step back and you move in close and then back again and eventually it all pulls together.' ...My days as a painter seemed like ancient history.  The brushes and canvases were buried years ago under an avalanche of marriage, children, aliyah, religion, political upheaval and finanacial concerns."

- The Oslo Years: a mother's journal, published 2005


"For 25 plus years I've struggled with and explored the written word ... And now I'm taking a break to return to my first love – drawing and painting – with the hope of inspiring my people, and to instill within them a love of Torah and of Eretz Yisrael

- "From the Written to the Visual" - July 2016



"My painting is a quest for Jewish authenticity, so to speak. I strive to achieve this through synthesizing the great personalities and episodes of our past with the words from our Sources, and the landscapes and colors of Eretz Yisrael.  This allows for a visually moving experience- an encounter with the Jewish soul. By taking a bold approach to color and expression, and daring to explore the heights and depths of Judaism's essence, we can reawaken imagination and hope – a key to the survival of the Jewish/Zionist spirit."

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