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As a speaker, Elisheva is dynamic and engaging as she explores "the agony and the ecstasy" of the creative process, and as she prompts the audience to view the concurrently fractured and cohesive personal, national and historic canvas of a Jewish woman living in Israel.


Suggested topics for speaking engagements:


1)      Maternal anxiety and hope as reflected through an Israeli mother's canvas


2)      Bridging the gap: An exploration of Jewish artistic themes which speak to our common national and eternal soul


3)      Torah as visual inspiration

4)      Painting the Parasha: a technical and spiritual approach to illustrating sublime subject matter

5)      The Jewish writer as artist: when there are no more words


6)      Art with borders: the unique limitations and obligations incumbent upon an artist living in Israel


7)      Learning to see again: Examining the contemporary Jewish canvas



Exhibitions, Studio Tours and Workshops


Elisheva's work is available for exhibition.  Her original acrylic paintings and pastel drawings are transportable. Her paintings and signed limited edition fine art prints are available for sale.


Elisheva is also happy to accommodate groups, by appointment, in her home for studio tours, lectures and workshops.

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